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Kullaleden is also a culinary experience!

Helsingborg – Höganäs:


We have a few suggestions for restaurants just more or less on the trail. But you should also try some of the cafés and restaurants in the city center and by the beach walk and harbour.
Möllebackens Våffelbageri & Gästgifveri, by the old wind mill near the tower Kärnan and the gate way to the trail with a beautiful view over the city.
Sillen & Makrillen and Via 95 by the waterfront along the beach walk

Pålsjöpaviljongen, in the beech forest after a 20 minutes walk on the trail from the start at the tower Kärnan.
Pålsjö Krog, ca. 30 minutes walk on the trail from the start at tower Kärnan.
Café in Pålsjöbaden

Sofiero castle, with café and bistro. Ca. 1,5 hrs walk from the tower Kärnan
Sofiero kiosk, outside the park (near the bus stop) with ice cream and more.

Domsten (ca. 3 hrs from Helsingborg):

Christians Fish, freshly smoked fish in the harbour, every day from 10-18.

Viken (ca. 4 hrs from Helsingborg):

By the harbour:
Vikens hamnkrog
Hamnplan 9
Galleri Viken

Just a short walk from the harbour:
Conditori Öresund bakery and café
Prego Restaurante

Just north of Viken, by the beach, open if weather allows:

Lerberget (ca. 5 hrs from Helsingborg):

Restaurang Skogsbrynet, by the water front with sunset
Lerberget camping ice cream, mini golf, soft drinks
Hoddans Glass, ice cream, coffee, buns
Berthas Kiosk, ice cream, waffles, coffee

Höganäs (ca. 6 hrs from Helsingborg):

Höganäs Hamnkrog, by the harbour open all days
Restaurang Bryggan
by the harbour
Kvick Kiosk by the harbour with coffee, ice cream, hot dogs, all days 11-22
Indian food, by Sundstorget, 150 m from the trail.
Café Bistro, 100 m from the trail at Sundstorget


Höganäs – Mölle:

Nyhamnsläge (ca. 1,5 hrs from Höganäs):

Ica Skeppet, ca. 300 m from the trail
Baroli Pizza, ca. 300 m from the trail

Lerhamn (ca. 2 hrs from Höganäs):

Krapperups Slottscafé, castle café with pies and salads

Mölle (ca. 3 hrs from Höganäs):

Grand Hotel pre bookings – gourmet dinner restaurant, afternoon tea and more
Hotell Kullaberg, lunch, dinner, bistro – all days
Mölle Brandstation, food market by the harbour all days

Other small restaurants in Mölle harbour:

Knafves Café
Systrarna på piren
Mölle 2020 Baguetteria/Sandwiches

A few steps from the harbour:
Mölle Krukmakeri, pottery artist with café and salads

Mölle – Arild:

Ransvik Havsveranda – approx 20 minutes walk by the waterfront from Mölle harbour.  Historical site, open afternoons during summer season (Midsummer until midst August)

Kullen Lighthouse (ca. 1.5 hrs from Mölle):

Fyrserveringen fish soup, hamburgers, waffles, ice cream, souvenirs and more

Café Himmelstorpsgården

At Mölle Golf Course:

Kullagårdens Wärdshus (Inn), hotel and restaurant – open all year round


Arild – Utvälinge:

Arild (ca. 5 hrs from Kullen Light House):

Strand Hotell

The restaurants (hotels) are located on the hill above the harbour. Follow the stairs.

Arild vineyard – hotel and restaurant, approx 300 meters from the harbour (inland)

Skäret (ca. 1 hour from Arild):

Flickorna Lundgren

Skäret has become widely known through Flickorna Lundgren på Skäret (the Lundgren girls of Skäret) – a café founded by seven sisters in 1938. Right from its early days, the café attracted many people, including cultural personalities. King Gustav VI Adolf was one of the guests to frequent the café. The café is still run by the family.

Rut på Skäret is the restaurant in the woods with own sheep farm and shop for local specialities.

Follow the sign posting ca. 300 meters from the trail.

Svanshall (ca. 2 hrs from Arild):

Svanshalls krog, all days – fresh fish
Blå Boden, ice cream, sandwiches with schrimp and smoked salmon

Jonstorp (ca. 2,5 hrs from Arild):

Tunneberga gästis, Tunneberga gästis, classic old inn with e.g Swedish meatballs all days from 12, ca. 1 km from the trail (marked)
Mona Lisa pizzeria kl 12-22
Bus stop nearby (Jonstorp’s centrum)

Norra Häljaröd (ca. 5  hrs from Arild):

Albertsgården Café and B&B, all days 11-17 cafe, homebaked cakes and buns.

Grocery stores

(see markings from the trail):

Tempo, Viken, ca. 10 minutes from the trail.
Preem gas station, Lerberget, ca. 15 minutes from the trail.
ICA Kvantum, supermarket between Lerberget and Höganäs, reseller of local JoJo bus cards, ca. 15-20 minutes from the trail.
Lidl, supermarket near the Town Hall and bus station in Höganäs.

Höganäs Saluhall, food market located in the 300 years old brick and pottery kiln in Höganäs, ca. 10 minutes from the trail.
ICA Nära Skeppet, Nyhamnsläge, 200 meters from the trail.
ICA Nära Jonstorp Jonstorp, ca. 15 minutes from the trail, near the bus station in Jonstorp.

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