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For updated information about the trail condition depending on weather and season please use the contact form and we will try to give you our best advice. During the off-season, November – March, the service condition and accessibility can vary.

Helsingborg – Höganäs 22 km – Easy (stairs in the city)
Accommodation in Helsingborg, Domsten, Viken, Lerberget and Höganäs

Höganäs – Mölle 12 km – Easy
Accommodation in Höganäs, Strandbaden, Nyhamnsläge

Mölle – Kullaberg Lighthouse 5 km – Moderate
Accommodation in Mölle and on the top of the Kullaberg

Kullaberg Light house– Arild 12 km – Moderate to hard
Accommodation on top of the hill Kullaberg and in Arild

Arild – Jonstorp 10 km
 – Easy
Accommodation in Arild, Bökebäck, Jonstorp

Jonstorp – Utvälinge 11 km – Easy
Accommodation in Jonstorp and Norra Häljaröd

Shelters with water, resting place and toilets are located in



Josefinelust (eastern side of Kullaberg),

Himmelstorp (eastern side of Kullaberg),

Skäret, (one hours walk from Arild) and Farhult (Svarteland).


We have updated the trail at Outdooractive.

Find other maps here: Search at Skåneleden for sections of Kullaleden SL  1-6


From Mölle to Kullen Lighthouse (western side) and “downhill” ( eastern side) to Arild: Undulating terrain, steep sections on nature trails exist. Moderate to hard (eastern side) (+) Other: Easy-varied terrain with only minor height differences, more than 50% of the stretch runs on nature trails. In the city, there will be stairs. (-)


Kullaleden is section 1-6 of Skåneleden trail no. SL 5 in total 72 kilometres around the Kullahalvön peninsula from Helsingborg city centre via Kullaberg Lighthouse to Utvälinge. Kullaleden offers a great variety of experiences along the way. Here you find everything including the medieval city centre of Helsingborg, beautiful views over the straits from the plateau heights, the well-known Sofiero Palace, Kulla-Gunnarstorp nature reserve, Krapperup Castle and park, beaches and picturesque seaside villages, and Kullaberg’s dramatic cliff formations. Kullaleden is certified according to the European Ramblers’ Association’s (ERA) criteria for being a Leading Quality Trail. This entails a quality assurance of the trail’s physical standard as well as the experiences and services along the trail. The certification is renewed every three years. There are signs in all the village harbours with information about the local sights as well as a detailed map.

Skåneleden SL 1 – SL 5

Skåneleden is a hiking trail passing through the beautiful nature and culture of the county of Skåne. The trail is some 1,000 km long and is divided into five separate trails, SL1–SL5. Along the trail, there are simple overnight sites with wind shelters, water and toilets available. It is often possible to find other accommodation in connection to the trail, such as hotels, hostels, camping and B&Bs.

Skåneleden is marked with orange paint or orange signs. More information available at www.skaneleden.se. Nature reserves exist along large portions of the trail. Within these reserves, specific codes of conduct exist in order to protect their natural and recreational values – camping is for example prohibited. For more information, read the signs for each individual reserve.

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