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All categories of accommodation are available along the whole of the Kullaleden trail, which makes it simple and convenient to hike from hotel to hotel.

Follows a list of the different types of accommodation, with its capacity, and approximate detour/walking distance from the trail.

Note that even if the accommodation is open year round, it may be closed if no bookings have already been made. Always call and book (or book online) in advance.

To rent private cottages and rooms you can also visit e.g Stugknuten.se and Airbnb.

Accommodation in Helsingborg includes e.g:

Clarion Grand Hotel
Comfort Hotel Noveau
Hotel Linnéa
Hotel Kärnan
Hotel Tornet

Here is a map for hotels in Helsingborg

Domsten – Höganäs (approx 10 km):

Domstens Pensionat, Domsten
3 rooms, 100 m, open year round

Hamnkrogen, Viken
2 rooms, 0 m , open year round

B&B Solgården, Lerberget
250 m, Easter up to and including October.

Lerbergsgården, Lerberget
hostel, 32 beds, 250 m, open year round.

Lerberget Camping, Lerberget
0 m, open April to September.

B&B Christina Svärd, Lerberget
3 studios/flats, 0 m, open year round.

Hotell Köpmansgården, Höganäs
4****, 10 rooms, 500 m, open year round.

Hotel Bryggan, Höganäs harbour
50 m, 12 rooms, open year round

Höganäs – Mölle (approx 15 km), and in Mölle:

Örestrand hotel, Strandbaden
19 double rooms, 50 hostel beds, 5 camping cabins, 0 m, open year round.

First Camp, Mölle
3 cabin villages with a total of 220 beds, 1 km, open year round.

Hotell Kullaberg, Mölle
by the harbour, 19 rooms, 0 m, open year round.

Grand Hotel, Mölle
51 rooms, 350 m, open year round.

B&B Strandgården, Mölle
10 rooms, 0 m, open year round.

Ernst’s House, Mölle
B&B, 1 cottage for 4-6 people, 0 m, open year round.

Kullaberg (Naturum) – Arild (approx. 10 km):

Kullagårdens Värdshus, by the golf course right on Kullaberg
16 rooms, 100 m, open year round.

Arild – Jonstorp (approx. 10 km):

Arilds Vingård, Arild
8 rooms & 1 flat, 2 km from Arild harbour, open june-july.

Rusthållargården, Arild
62 rooms, 400 m, open year round.

Strand Hotel, Arild
13 rooms, 500 m, open year round.

Tranehus, Böckebäck
2 flats, 250 meter from the trail, open year round.

Kullasparris, asparagus farmer
6+2 beds, 1 km from Svanshalls harbour.

Villa Kullaberg, Jonstorp
B&B cottage with 4 beds, 50 m from the trail, open year around.

Bläsinge Gård/STF Vandrarhem, Jonstorp
Hostel, 15 rooms with 45 beds 45, 1,5 kilometer (nearest from Svanshalls harbour), open year round.

Bläsinge Gård, Jonstorp
Campingarea for own tent, no kitchen. Possible to buy breakfast.
1,5 kilometer (nearest from Svanshalls harbour), open year round.

Jonstorp – Utvälinge (approx 10 km):

Albertsgården B&B
4 rooms, 300 m, summer – all days, weekends during off season.


To get here:

There are bus connections between the harbours along the trail at a comfortable walking distance from the majority of hotels (except for Kullagårdens Värdshus. Here you must hike from Mölle, approx. 1.5 hours). Check this Travel Planner.

Luggage transport at favorable prices can be booked with Travelshop or through the hotels at least 48 hours prior to arrival.


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