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Excursions to suit all tastes around Kullaleden!

It can be hard to choose among all the attractions available in and around the Kullaleden hiking trail. But what is for sure is that there is something for everyone here!

Kullaleden above all includes the beautiful hiking trails around Kullaberg peninsula. Hike either from Mölle towards Kullen lighthouse (approx. 1,5 hrs), or a day trip with a picnic lunch from/to Arild (approx 5-6 hrs). You will find delightful picnic sites along the way. Approx. 2.5 km from the top is Josefinelust picnic site with windbreak, barbeque and toilets.

Another alternative is hotel Kullagården Inn which is a few more kilometres away.

If you prefer to leave the trail a little earlier, then halfway along there is a sign by “Djupadal” and opposite towards Mölle – you arrive at the village after 20 minutes.

The northern trail is somewhat more hilly, but with a good walking stick for support and some stops along the way at, for example, Himmelstorp culture cottage and Josefinelust (resting place with toilet, but also an exciting area to experience the caves) most hikers are up to the challenge.

Arild – Himmelstorp approx 2 kilometers – optional short way to Mölle from Himmelstorp – markers

Himmelstorp – Djupadal approx 6 km (hilly)

Djupadal – Josefinelust approx 4 km (hilly)
optional detour to Mölle from this crossroad, Djupadal. There is a sign and orange markers to Mölle.

Josefinelust – Kullens Lighthouse approx 2,4 km
For accurate information about the trail see also

The Romantic:

Day 1: On the northern side from Svanshall to Arild, the trail winds its way through forest and heathland passing lakes of water lilies (popular site for weddings) and the small harbour in Bökebäck.

Pack you picnic lunch in Svanshall (Summer) and continue into the woods. Every now and again, the curtain of trees opens up towards Skälderviken and you see Hallands Väderö island and Torekov.

Take a break at the stone quarry. Are the water lilies in full bloom?

Continue towards Bökebäck, where it is perhaps time to enjoy a picnic in the harbour. Continue on to Skäret and ‘wade’ your way through colourful heather and fields of lily of the valley, whilst enjoying uninterrupted views towards Skälderviken.

At Skäret, the restaurants Flickorna Lundgren serve classic food and make great stops for a coffee break or lunch! Their garden café is just beautiful. The restaurant are approx 5 minutes, 350 m from the trail. From Skäret the landscape will shift from soft heather to amazing colourful rocks in the nature reserve “Nabben”. Hike on towards Arild and stay over at one of the hotels in the village. After another hour arrive in Arild where you will find two hotels and one vineyard with B & B.

Day 2: Arild – Mölle: Top up your picnic lunch for some stops before the lighthouse. This part of the trail is in the wilderness. Hike up to Kullen lighthouse.

Kullagården Inn, located up on the hilltop, is a good place to spend the night before heading down the south side of Kullaberg the next day, and back to Mölle again. Or for the very special occasion the Falknästet (Bird’s nest), climbing next to the lighthouse!

For the family:

Day 1: Take the bus to Mölle harbour in the morning, wander around the harbour area enjoying a cup of coffee or ice cream before hiking up to Kullen lighthouse (approx 5 kilometers). Take a picnic lunch and snacks with you, and stop along the way to admire the fantastic views.

This particular stretch is appreciated by children because it is very varied and not too steep which makes it good for climbing.

Head back the same way or hike down the northern side, passing the viewpoint towards Josefinelust caves. There are also signs for the rest site if you want to sleep over. Otherwise continue walking and turn off towards Mölle (signed from Djupadal) if you do not want to walk all the way to Arild.

Once back down again after your hilltop adventure, take the bus towards Höganäs/Helsingborg and get off at Strandbaden, where you can spend the night e.g in the outdoor windbreak close by the beach!
Or walk another hour the Höganäs harbour with nice hotels and a city beach that is a paradise for children.

Day 2: Hike along the coast, accessible even with a child’s pram (from Örestrand/Strandbaden) to Höganäs harbour and city beach “Kvickbadet” . Here there are several restaurants for a coffee break or lunch, a mini-golf course, playground and swimming.

Continue along the trail towards Lerbeget, stop by classic Berthas Kiosk for an ice cream. Lerberget harbour has a bathing jetty and picnic site.

Continue on towards Viken harbour with a walk on the sandy beach  (approx. 1 hr). Stop for a good night sleep at the B & B in the harbour or use the bus to continue your journey.

For the food lover:

Day 1: Take the bus to Lerhamn from the bus stop by Krapperup castle. Walk 10 minutes up the road towards Holy Smoke BBQ garden restaurant – there are no sign so you should ask your way…

Hike through Krapperup castle gardens down to the trail and continue on towards Mölle (approx. 45 mins) and then up to Kullen lighthouse via Ransvik  (approx. 1,5 hrs). Take a break and enjoy the fantastic views.

During the rest of the day you can either join a cave tour, porpoise safari or any other guided tour offered on the peninsula. Spend the night at Kullagården Inn.

Alternatively hike down following the northern side towards Arild, but turn off at Djupadal (entrance to Kullaberg from Mölle), and take the road back to Mölle (approx 20 minutes) following the orange markers. There are several hotels and restaurants here from which to choose.


Day 2: Continue the next morning towards Arild (where you turned off yesterday). Take a rest at the old historical cottage Himmelsgården or by a water pond. After a further one hour you reach Arild.
 Enjoy a three-course dinner with views over the bay from one of the hotels in the village. Mölle – Arild approx 3-4 hrs, via Djupadal crossroad.

Day 3: Start from Arild in the morning and hike one hour to Skäret (3 km). Enjoy a coffee break or lunch at Flickorna Lundgren Summer restaurant and perhaps the traditional local dish ’egg cake’  (open all year round). The restaurant are located a short detour 350 meters, 5 minutes, from the trail. Way markers will show you the way.  Continue onwards along the trail through colourful heathland and uninterrupted views towards Skälderviken before entering the woods and trail towards Svanshall (3.7 km, one hour), where you can try out lobster soup at Svanshalls Krog (Summer).

Continue through the small village of Rekekroken, Jonstorp and the fantastic Revet bird sanctuary, after which you cross the suspension bridge over Görslövsån river. Then head on through several pastures until you arrive at the new overnight accommodation for larger groups (Svarteland/Farhult). Depending on the time, you can either head towards the bus or continue a little further to Farhult.

If you would like to spend one more night along the trail, then there is Jonstorp/Bläsinge gård hostel (approx. 1.5 km from Svanshall harbour). Tunneberga Gästgiveri (old inn) is located in Jonstorp village center approx. 1.2 km from the trail, and serves generous portions at reasonable prices. Meatballs with creamy ‘gräddsås’ and lingonberries are a speciality enjoyed by the whole family (open all year round). Nearby are the bus stop for Höganäs/Helsingborg or Ängelholm station with direct train to Helsingborg.

There is plenty more for the food lover to choose including vineyards and breweries. Yes, we are just about self-sufficient here in Kullabygden!

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