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Places to eat all year around!

No hungry hikers on Kullaleden!

Besides good barbeque and rest sites for picnics, there are many culinary experiences along the trail – to suit all tastes and budgets!

Follows a list with a selection of places to eat that are either located along the trail or are well worth a short detour.

Helsingborg – Höganäs:


Helsingborg is a culinary experience in itself. There are many exciting restaurants just waiting to be discovered.

We have listed some of them which are located along the trail when hiking northwards. But you should also try some of the cafés and restaurants in the city center and by the beach walk and harbour.
Ètoile, French bistro, close to the beach walk (or 200 m from the trail)
Drottninggatan 35

Pålsjö Krog
Café Påösjöbaden on the edge of pier to the old bath
Sofiero Glasveranda – Restaurant and ice cream and café

Laröd (ca. 1,5 hrs from Helsingborg):

La Pizza on Serpentinvägen, by Laröd centre

Domsten (ca. 3 hrs from Helsingborg):

Viken (ca. 4 hrs from Helsingborg):

Viken Hamnkrog – harbour restaurant
Conditori Öresund, café and bakery
Hamnplan 9 restaurant
Prego Ristorante


Bryggan restaurant
Höganäs Hamnkrog restaurant
Kvick kiosk with food stand
Curry NamNam Indian food by Sundstorget, 150m from the trail.

Höganäs – Mölle:

Nyhamnsläge(ca. 1,5 hrs from Höganäs)

Restaurang Läget

Lerhamn (ca. 2 hrs from Höganäs)

Krapperup castle café (detour from trail south of Krapperup castle – follow the road straight ahead/up ca. 500 m) open during Saturday and Sundays.


Grand Hotel on the hill with a view
Mölle Brandstation food market by the harbour
Hotel Kullaberg by the harbour
Mölle Krukmakeri – pottery,bistro and café by the former train station

Mölle – Arild:

Ransviks Havsveranda (ca. 20 minutes from Mölle):

Ransvik Havsveranda – approx 20 minutes walk by the waterfront from Mölle harbour. Historical site, open weekends during off season.

By Kullen lighthouse (ca. 1,5 hrs from Mölle):

Fyrserveringen – lighthouse restaurant

By Mölle golf course:

Kullagårdens  Wärdshus–  south of the lighthouse

Arild – Utvälinge:

Arild (ca. 5 hrs from Kullen):

Rusthållargården restaurant
Strand Hotel

Skäret (ca. 1 hr from Arild):

Flickorna Lundgren, restaurant

Jonstorp (ca. 2,5 hrs from Arild):

Tunneberga Gästgifvaregård restaurant, ca. 15 minutes from the trail
Mona Lisa Pizzeria, ca. 15 minutes from the trail

You can also stop by the following grocery stores and supermarkets to stock up on your packed lunch:

Hemköp, Laröd ca. 1,5 hrs from Helsingborg
Tempo, Viken ca. 4-5 hrs from Helsingborg (to Höganäs)
Preem petrol station, Lerberget, ca. 15 minutes from the trail.
ICA Kvantum, Between Lerberget and Höganäs, ca. 15 minutes from the trail.

Lidl, Höganäs, near Town Hall and bus station, ca. 15 minutes from the trail.
Salthallarna, in Höganäs, ca. 10-15 minutes from the trail – also an interesting historical site with shops and restaurants in the old factory.
ICA Skeppet, Nyhamnsläge, ca. 10 minutes from the trail.
ICA Nära Jonstorp Jonstorp, approx 1 km from the trail
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