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Buy a printed map! Total length of the SL 5 trail is 114 km, divided into 9 stages (Kullaleden section 1-6, 70 kilometers). Detailed map 1:50,000 with brief stage text, explanation of symbols and general information in Swedish and English. Durable and waterproof. Issued by Region Skåne in 2013.
Further information:, also sold by the tourist offices on site.

PDF maps for sections are available at Skå
Choose Öresundsleden SL5, section 1-6 for Kullaleden


The Skåneleden trail system

Red dots are shelters.

Staying and eating


Kullaberg (from Mölle to Kullen Lighthouse and back to Arild):
Undulating terrain, steep sections on nature trails exist. (+)
Easy – varied terrain with only minor height differences, more than 50% of the stretch runs on nature trails. (-)
In the Helsingborg city there will be stairs.

There are signs in all the village harbours with information about the local sights as well as a detailed map.

Download a map

Download an copy of the sign with overview map and information for Kullaleden. Perfect for use in your phone or iPad.

Download to your phone (~8,5 Mb)

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