Section 3: Höganäs–Mjöhult 9,4 km

The section starts where the cycle path comes up from the harbour to Köpmansgatan. We follow the pedestrian and cycle way north and pass Sundstorget, follow Bruksgatan to Peter Lundh’s studio.

Peter Lundh was a photographer who in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries took most of the well known pictures of bathers in striped bathing-costumes in Mölle and Arild.

We then turn east and pass the old railway station, going on through north Höganäs’ central area. Here we find a small hill on our way to a pedestrian and cyclers’ bridge over road 111.

After a couple of kilometers we are in open farm land where you can see both hare and deer. Look up too, for there are many birds of prey in the sky! Nearing Ingelsträde, you can see storks, if you’re lucky.

We pass Ingelsträde. The old station area is well preserved and we walk right through it.

Now we are on the last leg toward Mjöhult. Here too, you can see animals and a variety of plants. In Mjöhult you find bus stops and an accessible lavatory.

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