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Ulla Molin’s garden

Listed garden (by the Swedish National Heritage Board).

The garden was created by Ulla Molin (1909–1997), a famous Swedish garden architect, journalist and author. Today it remains as a model for garden architects and private people: functionalist style, influenced by the English Arts & Crafts and Japanese garden art and beautiful all year round. There is a calm colour scheme using whites, greens, greys and blues.

Ulla Molin was one of the first to use ground-covering plants. Many examples can be found in the garden with surrounding hedges. Admire the groups of shaped plants, the shallow circular pond for the birds and woodland walk with wild cherry plum trees.
Ulla Molin was a strong believer in linking outdoor & indoor spaces. It is simple, elegant and natural style.

The Höganäs garden, Ulla Molin’s third and final garden, is considered to be her masterpiece and is a listed garden since 2010 (one of only 3 private listed gardens in Sweden).

Garden visit: Book in advance.
Location: In Höganäs, close to the sea, approx. 200 m from Kulleden hiking trail, 200 m to the bus towards Helsingborg and Mölle.
Season: All year round. Most visits May–Sept.
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The current owners since 2007 are Hans Ljungström and Christina Ekman-Ljungström. Hans is a retired surveyor and Christina has travelled the world marketing water purification. Hans enjoys golf, jiujitsu and cookery in his leisure time. Christina enjoys riding, genealogical research and training her dog. And of course their common and overwhelming interest is maintaining their garden according to Ulla Molin’s philosophy, so that it can act as a source of inspiration for coming generations.

Their garden welcomes 2–3.000 visitors per year, both private and from gardening courses.

Bitte and Niels’ garden

We have had our garden for 16 years. When we moved here, the garden was no more than a lawn, green plants and some roses. The previous owners said, ‘There’s no point planting anything here, the earth is so poor and nothing grows”. We took on the challenge, and today it is quite a different place, and is a home to many common and less common perennials, such as peonies, hostas, clematis, crane’s bill etc. Even trees have been planted including willow-leaved pear, tulip tree, katsura and southern catalpa.

A few years ago, we built our own greenhouse which we designed from recycled material. There are cultivation beds outside the greenhouse, where we grow our herbs and vegetables.

We have a wonderful outdoor patio which extends from our veranda. This becomes our sitting room during the summer months. As we both work, we relax when we come back home to our garden.



Garden visit: Book in advance.
Season: May – September.
Location: Close to the sea, approx. 150 m from Kulleden hiking trail and 150 m to the bus towards Helsingborg and Mölle.
Other: We offer samples from local cultivators.
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Lennart och Agneta’s garden

Welcome to our home! We are Agneta och Lennart, a 60 year old couple with great interest in design, form and colour. We wanted a garden that was easy to maintain, offering a wide range of places to sit with protection from the wind. The choice of plants is ruled by our coastal soils. In each flower bed we have put down a fabric which we have then covered with flint stones. We enjoy creating different environments in the garden – many smaller, easily constructed wooden structures, such as an outdoor kitchen, tables, benches, raised cultivation boxes, make a garden exciting, and we hope may even inspire you to build your very own environment.

Our interest in colour and form came late in our lives. Carpentry and colour scheming have developed into a great interest. Our products are characterised by their simple constructions which anyone can put together and build. Another enjoyable hobby for us is photographic art – a flower’s inner beauty is rarely seen but is well worth the discovery. Thanks to our flourishing interest in this art form, we put together an exhibition with the theme ‘a flower’s innermost beauty’. Our building work and photographic art are shown during our garden visits.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home!

Garden visit: Book in advance, length 1 hour, max. 20 people.
Season: May–September.
Location: Close to the sea, approx. 30 meter from Kulleden hiking trail, 300 m to the bus towards Helsingborg and Höganäs.
Other: We offer samples of local drinks and pastries.
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Micke’s oasis

Welcome to my 875 sqm garden in Höganäs which I started working with in 2008. My name is Mikael and I work as a patrolman at a travel terminal. In order to be able to cope with this demanding job, my garden acts as my form of relaxation.

As well as my passion for gardens, I enjoy riding my motorbike and working out at the gym. My wife Eva and I have two grown-up daughters and a dog, Zmulan.

I am inspired by different garden styles, which is why my garden is divided into three different areas; landscape, Mediterranean-inspired and garden plot. Transforming scrap into decoration is a fun feature of my garden, and makes my garden special and personal.


Garden visit: Book in advance: length 1 hour, max 20 people.
Season: May–September.
Location: Close to the sea, approx. 200 m from Kulleden hiking trail and 200 m to the bus towards Helsingborg and Höganäs.
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