Höganäs Classic Walk

kurkor saltglaserat

Extend your stay in Höganäs!

Our guide Gunnel Wounsch has prepared a historically exciting and culturally interesting walk from Höganäs harbour through the old quarters that once made up Höganäs fishing village.

Here we can see many examples of, and learn more about, for example the different types of brick and architecture throughout the century.

Gunnel brings the history to life by telling us about the world-famous people who have lived in the region.

We stop by Saluhallen (Food Market) and enjoy a coffee and freshly baked apple cake, and meet Anders Johansson, who still throws the classic salt-glazed Höganäs jugs by hand.

He who once filled the old ovens with stoneware now tells us about the heat and excitement when the oven door opened.


The walk then takes us past Askestenen (Ash Stone), up past the Outlet area, to one of the exposed former mining pits (well signed at the pit itself, but hard to find if you don’t know about it…).

We pass by the road where August Strindberg travelled (yes there was a reason why one of his characters Carlsson carried a Höganäs jug around his neck) and then make our way back to the harbour.

The tour can be booked with Gunnel Wounsch.
We reserve the right to alter and adapt the content.

A Piece of Kullabygden


Follow an art hike and find your own gem of artwork from the Kullen region along Kullaleden. The following potters are exhibiting the new design collection ‘A Piece of Kullabygden’ – a mix of the past and present, which captures the soul of the good life by the sea.

  • Kullabygdens Keramik Nyhamnsläge
  • Lisa Wolfahrt, Mölle Krukmakeri
  • Angelika Bergman, Nyhamnsläge
  • Benjamin Holm Kasam furniture makers do not sell products, but are involved in their making

Late winter 2013 designer Monica Palmqvist had the idea of uniting all the different handicrafts and people in the Kullen region (Kullabygden) under one unique design. The design concept – a piece of Kullabygden – unites cultural heritage, wood, ceramics, classic glazing and shapes all into one single product – a whole new design with its heart firmly set in Kullen region and the magic at Kullaberg.

The result was the start of a product series – a piece of Kullabygden – which can be seen at potters and other businesses along the hiking trail. Contact the designer for more information and customized tours.

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