Section 2: Strandbaden–Lerberget 6,3 km

We start our walk at the easy access halting-place by Örestrand in Strandbaden. Next to this stop is Hotel Örestrand which has some accessible rooms.

We walk down a little slope, past a leafy residential part of Strandbaden to an asphalt path along the sea. Here we pass Margreteberg’s bathing beach and the embankments around Höganäs AB. Now only a few boulders separates us from the sea.

We pass the road leading to the Höganäs AB’s wharf and arrive at it’s harbour area. Our route leads us via a gravel walkway north of the harbour.

Here you can make a detour down to the harbour to see what is going on there or enjoy a meal or snack.

We continue along the gravel walk to the beach where there is a refreshment stall. Then we come upon an asphalt road. Here there can be some traffic but only along a short way before we continue along a gravel walk. Here, only the sandy shore and some thickets separat us from Öresund on our right and we see some of Höganäs‘ buildings on our left.

The gravel walk leads us past Lerberget’s camping site and to the harbour in Lerberget where this section ends.

nach oben

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