Section 5: Jonstorp–Svanshall 2,5 km

This section is a lot tougher than the other accessible stretches. There are small hills and some bumpiness so one should not attemp it alone.

The walk starts by the bathing place called Revet in Jonstorp. There is a parking place and a toilet here. The walk continues through a little wood and past some houses, going on to the harbour in Jonstorp. We go on through Rekekroken, past the Halla dams and on to Svanshall.

Most of this stretch is on asphalt and gravel road. After Svanshall we are on a nature path with some uneven patches on our way to ”Stenbrottet”. This former quarry is now a big dam, a really beautiful place, well worth a visit. The car park is a little way off from the walk way.

There are simple barbecue facilities at both Revet and Stenbrottet.

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